All about teething

All about teething

Recognize any of the below?

  • Drooling
  • Swollen, tender gums
  • Fussiness or irritability
  • Gnawing or wanting to chew on hard things
  • Changes in eating or sleeping patterns

Teething is no joke!  Getting his or her first tooth is an exciting milestone, however, for some babies it can be pretty painful.  

Teething takes years to complete.  On average, babies begin to teeth around 4-7 months and will have a complete set of pearly whites by age 3. 

That’s a long time for sore gums, which is why many parents will try anything to comfort their little ones during the teething process.

Unfortunately, some of the teething remedies available today can be very dangerous.  Below is a list of safe teething relief:

  • Offer something hard chew on.Chewing on hard objects help relieve pressure from the teeth below the gums.  Teething biscuits can also help. Click here for natural wood teethers
  • Offer something cold to chew on. A wet washcloth cooled in the refrigerator or freezer will provide relief for those tender gums. Click here for wood + terrycloth teethers
  • Offer cold food.He may also get relief from eating cold food.
  • Massage the gums.Rub his gums gently but firmly with your finger. Like hard objects, The pressure can relieve the gum pressure your baby feels coming from the buried teeth below.

The good news is Aspen and Maple’s natural wood + cloth teethers offer baby both hard and cold options. 

Wood is a naturally safe product; naturally anti-microbial, free of BPA and phthalates, which can be present in plastic toys, and eco-friendly.  Rigorously sanded, and splinter-free, this hard wood teether really is the safest option available.  When paired with our organic terry cloth; easy to remove, wet and refrigerate, our Aspen and Maple wood + cloth teether combo is an ideal remedy for aching baby gums.  

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