About Us

At Aspen and Maple, we strive to give your family products that help you reconnect with nature.

Our Natural Teethers:

Caring for a newborn baby and watching them grow is one of the most fulfilling experiences a mother can have; it can also be one of the most stressful. As a new Mom, I had no idea what baby products were out there.  When it came to teething, I could only find plastic or gel filled items on the shelf.  Each time I'd give my daughter her plastic relief, I couldn't help but feel hesitant. That is why I sought a natural alternative, something you can be comfortable with and your child will love.

Wood is naturally anti-microbial, non toxic and chemical free, and hard enough to relieve aching baby gums.  When paired with our 100% organic terrycloth loop, our teether not only provides different textures to soothe teething babies, it also helps to develop your baby's senses.


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